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Are you looking to have part of your house cleared out? Whether it's for making room for renovations or simply decluttering, Midlands Waste Clearance is the perfect choice for professional part-house clearance services. Our qualified and experienced team will ensure that your house is cleared quickly and efficiently.
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Daniel Pinder
Brilliant job at clearing away an old hedge, brambles, trees, pallets and an old timber fence; all at a very reasonable price for the great service received from James and his team. Recommended.
Trinketorium (Kniknax)
Excellent service - came and gave me a quote the day I called, and arrived to clear it up on the day they said. Job done quickly - very friendly pleasant guys - charged what we had agreed. Would recommend.
Edward Clarke
Arranged a last minute clearance (2 days time). The clearance was done very well, pricing was clearly explained up front and they were very friendly. Would highly recommend



Price depends on type of waste to be cleared



Price depends on type of waste to be cleared


1/4 LOAD

Price depends on type of waste to be cleared
We understand the importance of professionalism and efficiency when it comes to part-house clearance. We offer a wide range of services to suit all needs, including full house clearances, furniture removals, garden clearances, and more. We take pride in our friendly customer service and our commitment to always treating customers with respect.

At our company, we provide a tailored service that is tailored to your specific requirements. We can work around any schedule or budget constraints you may have. Our competitive pricing makes us the perfect choice for anyone looking for part-house clearance services in the Midlands area. We also provide a free no-obligation quote so that you can get an accurate idea of the cost before committing to any services. For professional house clearance services that don't compromise on quality or customer service, choose us today!
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Midlands Waste Clearance: The best in professional part house clearance.

When you need help with part house clearance, Midlands Waste Clearance is the clear house clearance company of choice. Our expert team of waste removal specialists have years of experience and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to our clients.

We understand that every situation is unique and tailor our professional clearance services specifically to meet your individual needs. From packing and loading to responsible disposal and recycling, we go above and beyond to provide a seamless service that is second to none. We take pride in our commitment to helping you get the job done quickly and efficiently, so you can move on with your life without any stress or hassle. Trust us for all your part house clearance needs.

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Get expert part house clearance services from our company!

Make sure your home is free of clutter and unnecessary items with Midlands Waste Clearance. With our experienced team, we will provide professional and efficient part-house clearance solutions that meet all your individual requirements.

We offer competitive prices with no hidden charges, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best value for money. Contact us today at 0115 6716750 or 1164030246 or email midlandswasteclearance@gmail.com for further information about our professional services.

Don't wait any longer - get the peace of mind you deserve and let us take care of your part house clearance today!

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Experience the exceptional benefits of Midlands Waste Clearance

  • A world-class and comprehensive clearance service, adjusted to fit your specific needs.
  • 24/7 support and assistance from our highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Get an accurate clearance quote quickly, within just one hour with no hidden costs.
  • Professional waste removal experts ensure a safe, efficient and high-quality clearance.
  • Our uniform team is fully vetted and trained in the latest safety standards.
  • Benefit from our years of experience in providing exceptional waste clearance services.
  • Cost-effective rates and flexible payment plans are available at Midlands Waste Clearance.
  • Our knowledgeable team will evaluate clearance items accurately and offer you the best price possible for them.
  • We take all precautionary steps to dispose of waste correctly in an eco-friendly manner, always promoting recycling when available.

Our Most Common Questions

Don't know how to clear your house? Check out our FAQs!

If your question isn't answered here, please do contact us for more information.

What is part house clearance?

Part house clearance is the process of removing unwanted items (including single items and electrical items) from a property before it is put up for sale or rented out. This can involve anything from taking out old furniture and appliances to sorting through documents and other belongings. It requires careful planning, as all the items must be cleared safely and efficiently.

How long does a part house clearance take?

The timeframe for part house clearance may vary depending on the amount of material that needs to be removed and how much space is available to do it in.

Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from one day to several weeks - depending on the size of the area being cleared and whether any specialised equipment is required.

Who performs part house clearances?

Professional house clearance experts should always be hired when performing a part house clearance.

These experts have experience in handling hazardous materials and disposing of them correctly, as well as knowledge about all relevant regulations that need to be adhered to. They are also trained in using professional-grade tools and equipment for this type of job.

What kind of materials need to be cleared during part house clearance?

During part house clearance, most kinds of household items can be removed from a property including office furniture, electrical appliances, kitchenware, carpets, rubbish bags and hazardous waste such as asbestos or chemicals. Additionally, some valuable items such as books or documents may also need sorting through depending on their condition and relevance.

How much does part house clearance cost?

The cost of part house clearance will depend on the size and complexity of the job at hand. Factors such as labour costs and additional services like disposal fees will affect overall pricing too.

Generally speaking, though prices start at around £100 for basic jobs but can quickly rise if more time or specialised equipment is needed.

Is there any risk associated with part house clearance?

Yes, there are potential risks associated with part house clearance such as those related to hazardous materials or sharp objects that may cause injury if handled incorrectly by untrained personnel. That's why it's important to hire professionals who understand how these risks should be managed safely to protect everyone involved during the process - both people working onsite and nearby neighbours/residents.

What do I need before starting a part house clearance project?

Before beginning your part house clearance project, you should always make sure you have all necessary documentation such as certificates for waste removal/disposal ready beforehand – these may include receipts issued by contractors hired for heavy lifting tasks or proof of ownership for certain bulky items if they need to relocate elsewhere. You should also contact your local authority beforehand so they’re aware that work is taking place in your area – this will help ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the project.

Are there any additional services available alongside part house clearance?

Yes, some companies also offer extra services alongside their regular part house clearance packages such as deep cleaning, painting and decorating, minor repairs, gardening services etc. These are usually optional extras which customers can choose from when booking their service. However, make sure you check with your provider beforehand about what’s included in their package so that you don't end up paying extra charges later down the line. There are also services tailored for other types of properties and needs, including garage clearance, rubbish clearance, bereavement property clearance, and office clearance services.

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Midlands Waste Clearance | Logo
We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
Midlands Waste Clearance | Logo
We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
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