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Are you looking for reliable and stress-free house clearance solutions? Midlands Waste Clearance is your clear answer. Our professional team provide a comprehensive service tailored to meet your individual requirements and preferences. We specialise in all types of property clearances, large or small, across the West Midlands region.
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Daniel Pinder
Brilliant job at clearing away an old hedge, brambles, trees, pallets and an old timber fence; all at a very reasonable price for the great service received from James and his team. Recommended.
Trinketorium (Kniknax)
Excellent service - came and gave me a quote the day I called, and arrived to clear it up on the day they said. Job done quickly - very friendly pleasant guys - charged what we had agreed. Would recommend.
Edward Clarke
Arranged a last minute clearance (2 days time). The clearance was done very well, pricing was clearly explained up front and they were very friendly. Would highly recommend



Price depends on type of waste to be cleared



Price depends on type of waste to be cleared


1/4 LOAD

Price depends on type of waste to be cleared
Our fully insured teams can handle all manner of waste types including furniture, electrical appliances, garden refuse and construction materials. Rely on us for efficient removal of all items to be cleared, with our experienced staff ensuring that the job is done quickly and safely with maximum respect for your property. We aim for satisfaction in every job we undertake, leaving our customers with a stress-free service at competitive rates.

Our friendly customer support team are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the professional house clearance service from Midlands Waste Clearance. If you'd like more information please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'll be happy to help!
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Experience exceptional customer service with Midlands Waste Clearance.

At Midlands Waste Clearance, we strive to provide exceptional customer service for all our valued customers. Our dedicated team of expert house clearance professionals take pride in delivering a high-quality service tailored to each individual customer’s needs. We are dedicated to providing an efficient and cost-effective waste clearance solution that is both reliable and responsible.

Our entire team of clearance specialists is highly experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of waste management, so you can trust us to get the job done right. We also offer a personalised aftercare service so that if any queries arise during or after the clearance process, our friendly staff will be there to assist you every step of the way. With us, you can experience first-class customer service with a great value-for-money guarantee.

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Get professional house clearance solutions now from our company!

Midlands Waste Clearance is the best choice for people looking for professional house clearance solutions. Our experienced and certified team offer a wide range of services to make clearing and cleaning your space much easier.

We have a strong commitment to bringing an efficient, safe and reliable service that our customers can trust and rely upon every time. We are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service with friendly advice and support, always going the extra mile to ensure our customer's satisfaction.

Our services are competitively priced and of the highest quality and we take all necessary steps to protect the environment when disposing of waste. So why not get in touch today? Call us on 0115 6716750 or 1164030246 or email midlandswasteclearance@gmail.com for more information about our cost-effective solutions.

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Unlock the benefits of Midlands Waste Clearance.

  • Broad range of comprehensive waste clearance solutions conducted with utmost care and tailored to your specific needs.
  • Professional, friendly and reliable service with a commitment to quality.
  • Experienced waste specialists who can provide accurate quotes in just one hour.
  • Fully insured and registered staff that are equipped with the latest clearance equipment.
  • Cost-effective rates and competitive prices for both commercial and residential clients.
  • A wide range of services for almost any type of property including house, garage, shed, garden and office clearances.
  • Eco-friendly solutions that promote recycling whenever possible.
  • Comprehensive safety measures are taken to protect your home or business from any potential damage.
  • Trustworthy customer service team dedicated to addressing all your queries quickly and efficiently.

Our Most Common Questions

Are you considering a house clearance solution? Read our FAQs to learn more!

If your question isn't answered here, please do contact us for more information.

What is house clearance?

House clearance is the process of removing items from a property, such as furniture and appliances, that are no longer needed or wanted. House clearance solutions help to ensure that all unwanted items are removed efficiently and safely. These services can be tailored to the individual's needs and can include the disposal of hazardous materials, such as asbestos or chemicals, as well as clearing out general clutter.

What are the benefits of house clearance?

There are several benefits to having house clearance jobs completed, including freeing up valuable space in your home; reducing clutter; avoiding any potential health hazards; and helping to save time and energy when it comes to disposing of electrical items, bulky items, or any other additional items that may otherwise need to be carried out by hand.

Ultimately, house clearance solutions provide peace of mind that all unwanted items have been safely and efficiently removed from your property.

How do I prepare for a house clearance?

To prepare for a house clearance, you should make sure that any hazardous materials have been safely removed before the arrival of the team carrying out the clearing job; this could include asbestos, chemicals or other hazardous substances which need specialised handling and disposal methods.

Additionally, all valuable items must be removed from the premises so they're not at risk of being discarded with other unwanted items during the clear-out process. Finally, if there is anything else you'd like included/excluded from being cleared, then it should be discussed with the company providing your desired house clearance solutions ahead of time so that everyone is aware of what needs to be done before commencing the job itself.

How much does a house clearance cost?

The cost of house clearance solutions will depend on how much work will be involved in completing it and how quickly it needs to be done – generally speaking, most companies will offer competitive rates based on these factors alone and some even offer discounts for larger jobs or bulk orders where applicable. As each job will vary in size and scope, it’s best to contact several different companies prior to making any decisions about which one to use in order to get an accurate quote for your specific requirements before committing financially to anything you cannot afford later down the line!

Is there any guarantee with a house clearance?

Most companies offering professional house clearance solutions will guarantee their work so buyers can rest assured knowing they'll get quality results every time – this usually covers everything from safety measures taken during rubbish removal (e.g., protective clothing worn) through picking up large/bulky items without damage caused, right up until delivery at its final destination (where possible).

It's worth noting, however, that certain restrictions may apply depending on what type of service has been requested so always check with your chosen provider beforehand just in case there are any exclusions which could affect your decision-making process!

Are there environmental considerations when using a house clearance service?

Yes, many companies offering house clearance solutions take environmental considerations into account when carrying out work – this includes both ensuring dangerous materials such as asbestos are handled correctly concerning regulations, but also making sure large amounts of household waste don’t end up going unnecessarily into landfill sites or polluting rivers/bodies of water nearby through runoff etcetera! Companies may also choose alternative and environmentally-friendly solutions such as recycling/reusing where possible too – always ask about their policies here just so you know what kind of impact their actions may have on our environment overall before deciding whether or not they’re suitable for your particular situation!

What happens to items after they are cleared?

Most house clearance solutions companies will remove the items from your home and either donate them to charity or recycle them where possible. Some rubbish may have to be disposed of in landfill sites but this should always be done responsibly in accordance with local environmental regulations.

Can I donate my unwanted items after having them collected during my house clearance?

Yes - most house clearance solutions companies offering these additional services also accept donations both from individuals directly, but also via various charities and organisations who work hard distributing pre-loved goods throughout local communities and helping those less fortunate than ourselves overcome poverty wherever possible. This indicates that even items considered unfixable can still be useful.

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Midlands Waste Clearance | Logo
We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
Midlands Waste Clearance | Logo
We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
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