So how do you make sure that the firm you’re thinking of using for a garage, garden or house clearance in Nottingham is a good one? Here, we’ll list some of our tips on how to be more certain that you’re getting the best clearance services for the money you’re paying.

1. Identify the area that needs clearing

The first thing you should do is to precisely define the area you want clearing. The overarching reason for this is that not every waste removal company offers the same range of services. Some may concentrate on domestic jobs and only carry out house clearance in Nottingham. Others may focus more on commercial projects, emptying buildings prior to redevelopment or refurbishment, say, or helping companies that are in the process of moving offices.

Larger firms may have the resources and experience to do it all, even down to garden waste removal in Nottingham. To save yourself time and possible disappointment, check the lists of services each provides on their websites, then you’re only making contact with firms that will be able to demonstrate particular experience in projects of your type. They’ll also be able to quickly assess the work that needs doing to give you a fully itemised quote for you to consider.  

Don’t forget to give the company the whole picture when you ask them for a quote. For instance, if you’re booking a house clearance because you’re moving to a new property, flag up any items in the loft, cellar, garage, sheds and other outbuildings that might also need to be taken.

2. Look for a properly licensed waste clearance company

The next thing you should do when looking for a clearance company is to check their credentials. The Environment Agency requires companies that are moving waste as a business to hold an upper-tier Waste Carrier’s licence; if not, they could be fined up to £5,000. The purpose behind the licence is to crack down on fly-tipping and other undesirable means of waste disposal, which can be extremely harmful to the environment.

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If you choose to hire a company or individual that isn’t licensed and they dispose of your rubbish illegally, this is a criminal offence, and you could be held liable and prosecuted. Your rubbish remains your responsibility, even after it’s been taken away. So don’t just pick any man and van operation to carry out the job – make sure the firm you hire has the proper licence to operate.

Most reputable clearance companies will always be willing to show you their licence if you ask, and some even post theirs on their website, so potential customers know they’re a legitimate business. You can also search the public register online on the Environment Agency’s website if you want to check out whether a firm is licensed or not before you approach them.

Removal companies that use large vehicles for moving rubbish also need an operator’s licence, or their operations would be limited to using small vehicles.

Working with a licensed removal company will ensure that your waste and rubbish is disposed of properly in recycling centres or designated landfills, whichever is most appropriate.

As well as checking licences, you can also take a look at reviews from past clients on independent sites on the internet. There are plenty of websites that will give you insight into whether a particular company provides a good service or not. Google My Business, the company’s own social media and other such sites may have information that can help you make an informed decision. If you can’t find any independent reviews and are unsure whether the company is reputable, you can always ask them directly for some contact details of past customers.

who are the best providers of garage clearance in Nottingham

3. Get a quote

Most house, garden or garage clearance companies will provide free quotes to customers interested in hiring their services. You should get a few quotes from clearance companies you’re considering so that you can compare and contrast the prices for the level of work they’ll carry out. Make sure everything you want is included before you sign any contract so there will be no nasty surprises when you come to pay the bill.

4. Make sure they’re insured

Although it’s rare, there is always the possibility that an accident may happen, or the clearance company team might break objects you wanted to keep or damage your property while clearing it. It’s important to check, therefore, whether the company is properly insured in case this happens. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you and they will be covered financially in the unlikely event of any damage.

Where can you hire a professional garage clearance service in Nottingham?

If you are looking for a company offering professional rubbish removal near me, work with us at Midlands Waste Clearance, and you’ll have more space in your garage in no time. We specialise in decluttering and waste removal from homes, garages, sheds and lofts, as well as offering a full waste removal service for commercial property owners.

where to get a garage clearance in Nottingham

We charge affordable rates which are calculated based on the quantity of rubbish and garbage to be removed from your property. Our full load waste removal service can remove a total of 1,000kg of rubbish, with prices corresponding to the total weight of rubbish that requires transport. You can check our waste removal page for more information about our rates.

We operate across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and the surrounding areas, so feel free to contact us for a quote if you need any of our services.

Get in touch by phone on 0115 6716750 and our staff will be happy to help you. You can also use the contact form on this website or email us at

Our Most Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't answered here, please do contact us for more information.

What is a garage clearance?

A garage clearance in Nottingham is the process of clearing out unwanted items and clutter from a garage. Services include the removal and proper disposal of furniture, electrical equipment, fixtures, fittings, old bicycles, suitcases, tyres, and any other belongings that are no longer needed. Your space will be left clean and clear, apart from any items you wish to keep.

How do I get rid of large amounts of rubbish?

● Keep reusable items.
● Take unwanted items in good condition to a charity shop.
● Hire a trusted house clearance company.
● Take rubbish to the nearest public recycling and landfill sites.
● Use your community’s household waste collection service.
● Hire a skip.
● Share waste disposal services with a neighbour.

What does a clearance company do?

A clearance company clears out unwanted items from a property. It will properly dispose of items that are only fit for landfill; and sell, recycle or redistribute other suitable items. The services of a licensed waste clearance company can be used for home and garden waste removal in Nottingham, as well as waste removal for commercial businesses.

What is the best way to get rid of household waste?

The best way to get rid of household waste is to hire a professional company that specialises in rubbish clearance in Nottingham. This is far quicker and easier than transporting waste to landfill or recycling facilities on your own. Good waste clearance companies practice safe and eco-friendly disposals and will repurpose items that are still useable.

Do house clearances take everything?

In the main, yes. They take all sorts of goods of household items to recycling centres, to charity shops, or to landfills. If valuable antiques or collectables need dealing with, house clearance experts can carry out valuations, then sell them for you. If you have hazardous materials on-site, they can dispose of them safely.

How long does a house clearance take?

Generally, a house clearance takes between 8 – 14 hours, or an entire day. That’s based on a two- or three-man team emptying a standard two to three-bedroom house with a typical amount of possessions and furniture. Overall, the time it takes depends on the size of the area to be cleared out.

Items That House Clearance Services Will and Won’t Collect

Not all house clearance services will take everything. Some are selective, but good companies will dispose of pretty much anything you have that you no longer want. Typically, the best services warehouse clearance in Nottingham will collect a wide range of materials. These tend to be household items that homeowners have worn out or no longer need, including sofas, mattresses, fridges, and washing machines. The company either repurposes them or gives them to charities if there is still useful life left in them.

Larger companies can also remove soil, rubble, asbestos, boilers, car tyres, and commercial or garden waste, which they will dispose of or recycle properly.        

Tips On Choosing the Right Removal Company

With a host of removal companies to choose from online, finding the best one can be difficult. But there are simple things you can do to pick the right one for your needs. For starters, check each candidate’s credentials. You should only pick one that is licensed to remove your waste. You should also beware of hidden costs. The best companies are always transparent about their prices and will give you a detailed quote. Finally, check whether the organisation is covered by insurance and determine its type. Reliable firms will always hold appropriate insurance coverage. 

Advantages of Hiring Junk Removal Services

Disposing of junk from home can take a lot of time and energy. Hiring a first-class service for waste clearance Nottingham-wide will make the process much easier. They will take care of every detail, from sorting and recycling to repurposing items. They are fully up to date with all relevant legislation and will make sure your waste is disposed of legally.

While you may have to pay for this service, the amount can be offset by the time and fuel it would cost you to transport everything to their various proper locations yourself. In terms of personal safety, these services are trained in manual handling and heavy lifting, preventing you from suffering injuries from moving large objects, and they can dispose of any hazardous materials safely too – which is also more beneficial to the environment.     

Reasons to Hire Junk Removal Services

These days, waste removal services are much in demand for good reasons. Primarily, hiring their services will give you what most homeowners don’t have the luxury of, and that’s time. Anyone who already has a busy schedule can hire waste disposal experts to declutter anything from a single room, like a garage, to a whole house.

Another reason to hire professionals is that they offer more environmentally friendly approaches to discarded items. Good services don’t throw everything away. They recycle as much as possible, so less waste ends up in a landfill. They also donate reusable items to charity.   

If you’re looking for first-class house clearance services at competitive rates, check our broad range of unbeatable services at Midlands Waste Clearance Nottingham right now!

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We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
Midlands Waste Clearance | Logo
We're a reputable clearance company with over 5 years of experience in offering a wide range of clearance services to our customers. Our prices are competitive and service second to none! We always strive to recycle and donate to charity whenever possible.
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